3D Modeling and Printing


Designed Plastics engineers work with several types of CAD/CAM software, one of which is the 3D modeling software Solidworks. Creating a part from an idea or working with 2D sketches, Solidworks brings your vision to life.

On multipart displays, Solidworks has the ability to assemble a design and solve any issues before manufacturing begins.

Engineering drawing files are created to ensure all dimensions are correct and tolerances are met. Other capabilities also include creating instruction sheets as well as a bill of materials to ensure your job is done right the first time.

3D Printing

Need a prototype that is too costly or time consuming to sample? 3D printing provides a solid and functional part at a fraction of the cost and time. Supply a CAD file, or have us create one, and watch your part go from the computer screen to your hands in only a few hours. (Time may vary based on the size and detail of the design.)