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Create a polished, professional look

The details and finishing touches are what make your custom fabricated plastic pieces impressive and reliable. Laser cutting creates a perfected finish with softened, polished edges for an elevated look. This cutting can be used for a variety of applications, including shaping and adding detail.


Choosing laser cutting also allows you to eliminate a second operation in the fabrication process, getting the same beautiful results at a lower cost and shorter time frame.

Experience the versatility

With the recent addition of a Multicam 200 Watt laser we have the capabilities to laser cut sheets of plastic 60” x 120” and up to 3/4" thick. Laser cutting gives your product a finished look and softens the edges without a secondary operation saving time and money. Our new laser also gives us the ability to laser engrave and laser etch.  


Give us a call today to find out if prototypes and samples are available for your particular project so you can see your design before a run.

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